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Shiraz Islamic City Council

The Shiraz Islamic City Council is a local council elected by direct public vote to a 4-year term. The current council consists of 13 members who took office on Thursday, August 5, 2021. The City Council is mainly responsible for legislative functions. Their most important duty is appointing a mayor who heads and runs the municipality (the executive body). The councilors assemble weekly and are responsible for establishing main policies, approving the budget proposed by the mayor, supervising the activities of the municipality, etc. To increase the efficiency of its work, the Shiraz City Council has formed several specialized committees to identify social, cultural, educational, health, economic, and welfare requirements of their constituencies, make appropriate decisions relevant to these areas, supervise the work of the pertinent departments and organizations of the municipality,  and discuss and approve the relevant bills before the final approval of the City Council. Each councilor could join more than one committee. The committee sessions are also attended by the relevant municipal managers, committee advisors, representatives of governmental bodies and the private sector related to the weekly agenda, and the committees’ advisors. The committees include: 1) pilgrimage and tourism, 2) culture, social and sports, 3) development, traffic and transport, 4) urban planning and architecture, 5) planning, budget and legal affairs, 6) health, environment and urban services, 7) economy and investment, 8) the 3rd major religious city of Iran, 9) upgrading urban slums and underprivileged areas, 10)development, 11)smart city &ICT, 12)streets and public places naming
and Joint CommitteeThere is an annual election in which members vote for the chairperson (speaker) of the city council as well as the heads of different committees.   


Mehdi Taheri

Chairman of the Council

Mohammad Taghi Tazarvi  

Mahdi Nasiri Gharaghani


Afsaneh Khastkhodaii

  Ali Akbar soltani



Mohammad Hasan Asadi  

Ali Reza Eskandari


Gholam Ali Torabi

  Seyyed Ebrahim Hoseini
Mohammad Reza Hajari   Masoud Zarei  

Reza Mohammadin


Seyyedeh Maryam Hosieni


Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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