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 Shiraz Traditional Dishes
Shiraz cuisine has been always famous for its variety and quality. It features many delicious traditional foods and desserts, which are reflective of its culture and traditions.
  • Dopiazeh Aloo (Ingredients: potato, fried onion, tomato, spice & oil)

  • Kalam Polo (Ingredients: cabbages, cooked rice, meat balls)
  • Kebab-e lari (meat marinated in thick yogurt and onion, and grilled over charcoal)
  • Shekari (pieces of stewed meat and chicken in tomato sauce)
  • Koofteh Sabzi (balls of meat with greens)
  • Pomegranate pottage (ash-e anar)
  • Vegetable Stew (Khorosht-e-Sabzi)
  • vegetable pottage (Ash-e-Sabzi)
  • Abpiazak (ingredients: onion,  yoghurt, egg,  dried mint)
  • Shami (cutlet) (ingredients: meat, flour, egg, onion)
  • Koofte Hooloo (balls of meat and vegetables)
  • Yakni Adas Kalam (gravy of lentil and cabbages)
  • Peas Gravy (Yakhni Nokhod)
  • Dolme-ye- Kalam    
  • Dampokht
  • Ghanbar-polo   
  • Havij-polo
  • Morassa`-polo
  • Pache-polo        
  • Ranginak             
  • Polo-Esfandi
  • Tahchin               
  • Yakhni
  • Shirin polo (sweet rice with barberry, orange peel, sliced almonds)
  • Ghorme-Beh
  • Rob Polo
  • Halim bademjan
  • Halvaye kaseh
  • Ash-e mast
  • Faludeh 
  •  Shirazi Salad
There are other traditional cuisines which are very popular in Iran, too which are not originally for Shiraz. Some are as follows:
  • Baqali polo (rice, lima beans and dill, mutton or chicken)
  • Lubiya polo (rice, green beans, meat)
  • Zereshk polo (rice cooked with barberry, served with chicken)
  • Kebab kubideh (ground meat)
  • Jujeh-kebab (chicken)
  • Kebab-e-barg (chopped mutton)
  • Qeimeh stew (meat, split-peas,dried limes, fried potatoes)
  • Ash reshteh (a thick soup with beans, peas, a kind of vermicelli,kashk 9thick whey) and herbs)
  • Fesenjan (chicken, wallnuts, sweet pomegranate paste)
  • Abgusht(meat, potatoes, peas, beans, onions,dried limes,turmeric)
  • Kashk-e badenjan (eggplant, kashk, mint,onions)
  • Sholezard (rice pudding richly flavored with saffron and rosewater)
  • Shur and torshi (pickles marinated in salt or vinegar)
  • Ash-e duq 

Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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