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Natural Symbols of Shiraz

  • Cypress of Shiraz (Sarv-e Naaz)

This plant is a pointed cone-shaped, narrow and tall tree which is covered with dense dark-green leaves up to the ground. It is used in the landscape design of green spaces to create regular, vertical lines. It can be used as the border of the wide sidewalks that lead to a building. The tree tolerates extreme cold and lives much more in dryer coastal areas. Normally, this tree has the height up to 20 meters.
In ancient times it was known as the symbol of strength and freedom.  The picture of Sarv-e Naaz can frequently be seen on the carvings of Persepolis.
  • Orange Blossom

The Orange blossom is the fragrant flower of the Sour Orange. It is used in making perfume , seasonal and herbal drinks, tea, jam and pastry making. Usually, in April and May the magical scent of orange blossom intoxicates every passer-by. Shiraz is known as the city of orange blossom in Iran.
  •  Narcissus tazetta (Narges-e Shiraz)

Narcissus is a very fragrant bulbar plant with 6 petals. This incredibly beautiful flower does not require much care. Planting Narcissus flowers creates a beautiful landscape in the gardens, green areas and pots and it is used in bouquets, too. Normally, it flowers in autumn and winter and it should be planted under direct sunlight. It is widely planted around Shiraz mostly in Kazeroon.

Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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