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Shiraz Museums and Historical Houses

No. Name Ownership Address
1 Pars Museum Governmental Zandiye Complex
2 Shah Cheragh Museum Governmental Shah Cheragh Shrine
3 Afif Abad Military Museum Governmental Afif Abad garden
4 Sedgh Amiz Carpet Museum Private Lotfali Khan St. , In front of Zinat-al mulk 
5 Manteghinezhad House Governmental 9 Dey St. , Manteghinezhad Historical House
6 Foroogh-al Mulk House (Meshkin Faam Art Museum) Private Sang-e Siyah Passage
7 Museum of Natural History and Technology Governmental Azadegan St.
8 Salehi House (Clothing Museum) Semipublic 9 Dey St. , 7 Pich Alley
9 Sa'adat  House Semipublic Sang-e Siyah Passage
10 Haft Tanan Stone Museum Governmental Haft tanan Blvd.
11 Narenjestan-e Ghavaam Museum Governmental Lotfali Khan St. , In front of Zinat-al Mulk 
12 Museum of Fars History Governmental Lotfali Khan St. , Zinat-al Mulk  House
13 Vakil Bath Museum Governmental Ayatollah Taleghani St.
14 Water Museum Governmental Ayatollah Taleghani St. , Next to Karimkhan Citadel
15 International Press Museum Private Hedayat St. , Khabar-e Jonoob Building

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