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Organizational Structure

The municipality has 7 main departments headed by deputy mayors, all of whom appointed by the mayor: finance and economy, social, cultural and sports, planning and human resources development, traffic and transportation, urban services, urban planning and architecture, development and civil engineering. The mayor also appoints 11 district mayors.


Mayor Heidar Eskandarpoor


Mayor of Shiraz






Esmaiil Salehi


Arash Farajzadeh


Mohammadhadi Hashempoor


Deputy Mayor for Development and Technical Affairs


Deputy Mayor 


Deputy Mayor For Finance and Economy





Masoud Tahmasebi


Mohammadali Razi


Mohammadreza Mohammadhasanpoor 


Deputy Mayor For Civil Transportation And Traffic


Deputy Mayor For Planning And Human Resources


Deputy Mayor For Executive And Urban Affairs






Morteza Jafari


Javad Bahadori




Deputy Mayor For Cultural, Social and Sports


Deputy Mayor For Urbanism and Architecture



Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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