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Why to join UCCN?

Being recognized as a creative City of literature shall provide the city with economic opportunities to direct the investment in this area and through replacing investing in heavy industry with post-industrial economy to initiate sustainable economic and environmental development. By joining UCCN, cultural resources such as creativity, skills and capabilities will be fostered through the promotion of training programs and will replace non-renewable resources as the city’s sustainable assets. The urban management contributes to the development and enhancement of activities and events related to the creative domain of literature. Such a development will lead to the urban sustainable development in different ways. On one hand, by making an encouraging atmosphere and a context to foster innovation and ideas, the creative social class is attracted. On the other hand, the new clients and customers are enticed to the literature industry, and consequently revitalize the local economic life. Also, the necessity of public contribution to the cultural related projects and holding events as well as activities related to the creative city of literature will improve knowledge, interrelationships of individuals and groups as well as the dialogue atmosphere. It in return improves civil capacity-building of the citizens. Citizens’ tolerance of social, ethnic and cultural diversity will be fostered, and social network along with the identity will be improved.

Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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