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WeGO is an international organization of cities and local governments based in Seoul, South Korea, that pursues sustainable urban development based on e-Government and ICT.
WeGO, as the world smart sustainable cities organization, makes contribution to promoting the use of ICT to advance public administration, bridging the digital divide through making networks among the cities to share their experiences and knowledge, enhancing cooperation between cities and other stakeholders, and discovering good practices of electronic government through providing the required platforms for member cities.
WeGO already has over 120 world cities including Barcelona, Spain; Frankfurt, Germany; Moscow, Russia; and Seoul, South Korea. According to the WeGO secretariat, Shiraz will be an associate member for one year. Then, in October 2018, the executive committee of WeGO shall hold a meeting in which the application of Shiraz will be reconsidered. Upon the approval the committee, Shiraz will be received as a full member of WeGO.

Reference: Shiraz Municipality