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Asian Mayors Forum

Asian Mayors Forum
Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) is an international non-governmental and not-profit organization, with full legal and operational capacities, registered under the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Asian Mayors Forum was established by the resolution of 89 mayors and representatives of Asian cities met in Tehran on November 18-20, 2008. The Charter of the Asian Mayors Forum was adopted in the 2nd Asian Mayors Forum Meeting held in Istanbul from 31st March to 02 April 2011 with a great participation of high level representatives of cities and international institutions. The General Secretariat of the Forum shall be based in Tehran, Iran.
The Forum has been established for an indefinite period of time and its coverage is the entire Asian continent. Regions strongly linked to Asia may also be covered.
The purposes of the Asian Mayors Forum are as follows:
  • To encourage cooperation among cities, municipalities and local governments throughout Asia⍮ in order to achieve further prosperity and improvement of quality of life for citizens;
  • To empower urban management through expansion of city-to-city cooperation and multi-lateral collaborations among cities;
  •  To promote and facilitate citizen participation in achieving sustainable urban development;
  • To support benchmarking best practices in urban management among Asian cities to meet their common challenges;
  • To promote and facilitate networking among cities, municipalities and local governments for exchanging information and experience in areas related to urban management;
  • To foster interaction and cooperation among Asian cities and citizens in various areas including cultural, social, economic, political, environmental, and scientific fields. 

Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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