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Shiraz Mayor Expresses Condolences over Shah-e-CheraghTerrorist Attack

Shiraz Mayor Expresses Condolences over Shah-e-CheraghTerrorist Attack
Mayor of the metropolitan city of Shiraz, MohammadhassanAsadi, condemned the terrorist attack to Shah-e-Cheragh, which made some of our compatriots wounded and martyrs.
Offering his condolences on the martyrdom of two fellow citizens and compatriots in the terrorist attack to the holy shrine of Shah-e-Cheragh, Asadi said “sworn enemy of Islamic Republic of Iran has shown its evil nature and attacked the holy shrine of Ahmad ibnMousa (Shah-e-Cheragh) and the undefended pilgrims there.”
Expressing the revulsion against this terrorist attack to the divine sanctuary, he then added “this terrorist wounded and made some of our compatriot’s martyrs before the anniversary of the first attack took place a year ago.” 
Asadi continued “such savage and inhuman actions are promoted in no religions but the dystheism. The God will take the revenge for the martyr’s death of innocents.”
He then wished those wounded would recover soon and prayed for those martyred.
Asadi acknowledged the intelligence force that arrested the terrorist immediately and said “surely people will know better the evil nature of the enemy of people as the backroom boys are identified to the public.”
Shiraz Mayor also extended his condolences on the martyr’s death of Gholamabbas Abbasi, the servant of the Holy shrine, worked in the executive section of the Municipality to his family and people of Shiraz.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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