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Shiraz Mayor Meets South Korean Envoy, Signs MOU with HUFS

Shiraz Mayor Meets South Korean Envoy, Signs MOU with HUFS
Shiraz Mayor, MohammadhassanAsadi, received the Korean Ambassador to Iran and the delegation of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) during a bilateral meeting to  foster the global diplomacy of the urban administration  and to promote the cultural relations.
Shiraz mayor said “South Korea is a friend country with friendship people.”
Asadi added “Shiraz, the cradle of Iranian and Islamic culture, civilization and literature enjoying a background as old as thousands of years in the Asian continent and had been the capital city of the country four times. Several cultural monuments have been standing from those periods particularly the ZandDynasty.
Referring to the membership of Shiraz to the board of directors of the League of Historical Cities and its collaboration with Andong and Gyeongju , he continued “ different training courses and experience exchange have been carried out in Seoul, in which the municipal managers and experts participated in the last year.”
He highlighted the Shiraz photo exhibition organized by Shiraz General Department for Communications and International Relations and Dept. for Persian and Iran Studies in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea.
He said “ the cultural section of the Korean Embassy in Iran has welcomed the cooperation with the municipality of Shiraz in different areas of culture.”
Asadi referred to the conclusion of the bilateral MOU, and said “this agreement to promote Shiraz and its renowned figures and the culture and Persian literature was concluded between the Iranian capital for Culture and Literatureand the recognized Korean University of Hankuk located in Seoul.
Yun Kang-hyeon, the Korean Ambassador to Iran, in this meeting, said “Shiraz is representing Iran from the aspects of culture and literature, and it is the second time that I am visiting Shiraz.”
He added “Iran is a rich country that has many natural resources. Considering the global atmosphere of neighboring countries of Iran, particularly Afghanistan, Iran has hosted many refugees including men, women and children and it reflects the sympathy of Iran with other countries.”
He then continued “Shiraz has been the Iranian capital for culture, literature and art. I am very pleased with the conclusion of the MOU between Shiraz and Hankuk University.”
Yun Kang-hyeon also said “considering the relationship between IR Iran and South Korea, we would notice that both countries have been collaborating in different era and this relationship should be maintained.”
He expressed the readiness of his country for cooperating with Shiraz on the established relation between Shiraz and HankukUniversity on Shiraz capacities and opportunities
The Assistant professor of Persian Language and Iranian Studies Department of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in this meeting said “my respective university with around half a century background is the only university admitting students for Persian Language and Literature, and so far 1400 students have been graduated from the university. It proves the popularity of Iranian culture and literature in South Korea.”
Hyuck Kim referred to the attempts of Hankuk University to expand its relations with the IR Iran, highlighted the 600th anniversary of IR Iran-South Korea relationship and organization of several exhibitions and cultural expos.
Hankuk University is an independent research university located in the city of Seoul and is the birth place of foreign studies in South Korea, and offers courses on 45 world languages. The university has academic exchange and collaboration with 602 universities from 97 countries.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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