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Shiraz and La Paz to become sister-cities

Shiraz and La Paz to become sister-cities
Shiraz Municipality seeks to play an active role in the urban diplomacy in addition to enjoying the achievements realized through the international cooperation and fostering the urban development as far as the experience exchange and capacity sharing with other cities around the world, improving the metropolises are concerned.
The active diplomacy and development of relationships of Shiraz urban administration team has reached the South America and the establishment of twin city agreement with La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia was included in the agenda of Shiraz Municipality.
 Mohammadhassan Asadi, Shiraz Mayor, received the ambassador of the multinational country of Bolivia to Iran and proposed the establishment of the twin city agreement between Shiraz and La Paz while he was referring to Shiraz’s long historical background in cultural, academic, religious, historical, medical areas and Shiraz stance as past political capital of Iran in different eras.
Asadi referred to the capacities of Shiraz, the Iranian cultural and historical capital city, and said “ in addition to  the relationship of shiraz and some world cities within the framework of twin city relationship and friendship, Shiraz is the only Iranian metropolis that is a board member of League of Historical Cities and the World Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis) and is a member of some other international organizations such as World Sustainable Smart Cities (WeGO) and Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities (OICC). “
He added “Shiraz stands ready for establishing the friendship and twin-city relationship with La Paz.”
Romina Guadalupe Perez Ramos, Bolivian Ambassador to Iran, who is Anti – imperialism an supports the IR Iran stance said “ the name of Bolivia is after Simón Bolívar who was a Venezuelan revolutionist and Anti-colonialist and the name of Sucre, one of the major cities of Venezuela is after anti-Spanish politician and soldier.”
She referred to the rich natural and mineral resources of Bolivia and colonists coveted them, and  she added “ Western countries are trying to ruins the relationships of both countries;  however, IR Iran and Bolivia have been friends and are committed to their friendly ties.”
She continues “western media are trying to provide a negative portrayal of IR Iran. Therefore, Iran should be presented through cultural activities and then take other steps. In this regard,  the negotiations are being made with 5 Iranian universities and Shiraz university for concluding agreements of understanding and also the proposal for offering Iranian Studies at the University of La Paz.”
She also welcomed the proposal of establishing the twin-city relationship between Shiraz and La Paz and said “ I will do my best to establish and foster a good relationship between both cities.”
The Bolivian Ambassador also propose to name some streets after the famous literary figures and poets of both cities.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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