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Shiraz and Novi Sad Sign Agreement of Understanding

Shiraz and Novi Sad Sign Agreement of Understanding

Mayor of Shiraz, Mohammadhassan Asadi and Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Duric signed an agreement of understanding on establishing cooperation between the two cities at an online ceremony held at the presence of the ambassadors of IR Iran in Hingary and his counterpart in Iran. The agreement is aimed at deepening the good relationship between the two countries and exchanging experiences between the two cities in different urban management areas including culture, investment and tourism.
Appreciating the presence of ambassadors of IR Iran and Republic of Serbia for paving the way for the execution of this agreement, Shiraz Mayor referred to features of Shiraz such as long historical background and several tourists, historical, cultural and medical potentials and said “today, the agreement is concluded between the Metropolitan Municipally of Shiraz and Novi Sad in different areas, which will provide Shiraz with a new urban diplomacy opportunity for international relations.”
Asadi referred to the background of the agreement and conclusion of the intended letter of intent between both parties in 2021, adding that “we, at the municipality of Shiraz, try to establish and promote our collaboration with other cities in the world as well as maintain and foster the ties between Shiraz and our sister-cities, and we realize it through practicing executive activities.”
He put emphasis on “the synergy of capacities and continuity of this agreement and promotion of cultural, tourist, economic and IT goals.”
Joined by the Iranian Ambassador to Serbia for the online ceremony, the mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Duric, referred to the several capacities of Novi Sad as the academic city and its potentials in areas of IT and 2022 European capital of culture, and put emphasis on the conclusion of the agreement between the two cities to deepen the relations between IR Iran and Republic of Serbia..
Đurić said “considering the multinational capacities and common cultural grounds with the city of Shiraz, the conclusion of agreement between Shiraz and Novi Sad, will lead to the business, economic and projects exchange in addition to the synergy in different urban management areas.”

The Iranian ambassador to Serbia, Rashid Hassanpour Baei, appreciated Shiraz and Novi Sad city administrations for drawing up this agreement and said “this agreement of understanding is a milestone in Iran and Serbia Relations, which will enhance the ties of the two friendly countries in addition to fostering the capacities of both cities.”
Hassanpour referred to the development of different ways for such a synergy of urban capacities and put emphasis on fostering and enhancing such capacities.
The Serbian ambassador to Iran, Dragan Todorovic, said “today we witness the conclusion of agreement between the beautiful cities of Shiraz and Novi Sad. This agreement is in line with the call for further development of Iran-Serbia ties by presidents of both countries.”
He continued “this is a large scale agreement, and from now on we can try to enhance the relations of Shiraz and Novi Sad more in different areas and within the common available grounds.”
He also referred to the various and appropriate capacities of Shiraz, and expressed hope that this new window brings about effective impact on both countries’ relationship.
Todorovic added “Shiraz is known for its reputable poets such as Saadi and Hafiz in Serbia and called for enhancement of exchanges between the two cities and both countries.
It is worth mentioning that this agreement of understanding includes cooperation  in different areas of culture, investment, IT and tourism while focusing on the exchange of experiences based on the capacities of both parties.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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