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Shiraz Appointed Metropolis Board Member

Shiraz Appointed Metropolis Board Member
According to Shiraz Mayor, Mohammadhassan Asadi, the Municipality of Shiraz was appointed a member of board of directors of the World Association of Major Metropolises (Metropolis) for the second successive term.
He then continued “the term of office of the current board members is up to the end of this year and then, new board of directors will take the office for a 3-year term of office.”
Referring to some common challenges including environmental, traffic, financing, immigration, marginalization issues, which the world metropolises are facing, he said “the active presence and participation of Iranian metropolises in the international bodies are valuable opportunities to use the experiences of other countries, to present achievements and capabilities of domestic experts and more importantly to foster the stance of the country in the international arena.”
We believe urban diplomacy is one of few areas that all cities of the country will benefit its positive effects of each other’s achievements.
Shiraz Mayor said that Shiraz Municipality stands ready to exchange experiences with other cities of the country in the area of urban diplomacy.
Asadi expressed hope that through resorting to the rich historical, civilization and cultural background and collaboration and synergism to portray the capabilities and power of Iran in the world, Iranian metropolises take solid steps towards development and growth of the country as well as conveying the message of peace and friendship to people of the world and paving the way for attracting tourists and investors.
Shiraz Mayor after meeting Gholamhossein Dehghani, the Iranian Ambassador to Belgium, participated at the Metropolis Board of Directors meeting, attended and talked at the Policy Debate session on Greening Cities, took part in the Opening Ceremony of Brussels Urban Summit 2023, held a bilateral with the Metropolis Secretary Jordi Vaquer and left Brussled for Shiraz on Wednesday 14 June while being seen off by the Iranian Ambassador to Belgium.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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