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Shiraz to Exchange Engineering Experiences with Pecs

Shiraz to Exchange Engineering Experiences with Pecs
In a bilateral meeting, Shiraz mayor, Mohammadhassan Asadi, referred to the rich natural, historical, cultural capacities of Shiraz as the cradle of Iranian and Islamic culture and civilization and declared “numerous diverse attractions of Shiraz, some of which are on display at Shiraz Photo Exhibition in Pecs at the moment thanks to the praiseworthy works of my fellow citizen artists y, have made Shiraz a unique city.”
He added “encouraging the investors in order to improve the accommodation, recreational, and tourist infrastructures and adding variety to tourism particularly literary tourism and constructing new attractions including aquarium, water park, birds garden, big amusement parks, and cable cars are all among priorities of Shiraz Municipality, which may improve the city’s economy and citizens’ life quality.”
He referred to the historical fabrics of Shiraz as the valuable assets and continued “we witness a national commitment in this regard, and Shiraz Municipality is determined to preserve and revive 365-hectar of Shiraz historical fabrics.”
Having referred to the infrastructures made to provide the citizens and tourists with better services, Asadi said “the line 1 of Shiraz metro is transporting 120 thousand passengers daily and a part of the first phase of line 2 has been completed and is now picking up passengers, while the line 3, 10 kilometers in length, and having 8 stations is under construction while relying on technical and engineering capabilities of local and domestic workforces.”
Attila Péterffy, Pécs Mayor, referred to the historical and cultural capacities of Pécs, put emphasis on the similarities of the two Iranian and Hungarian sister-cities.
He continued “historical part of Pécs is very important and like his predecessors, he will try to preserve the historical part of the city.”
Considering his working agenda to limit the use of private cars in the city central and historical part, he added “developing the public transportation and using green transportation such as bicycle are among the working priorities of Pécs Municipality.”
Referring to the challenges laying in funding the urban projects such as Pécs grand water park, he said “exchanging experiences in this area with other cities are very important and expressed the readiness of Pécs to use Shiraz’s experiences.”
Shiraz Mayor expressed the readiness of the metropolitan city of Shiraz to exchange engineering experiences with the city of Pécs.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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