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Intl Cooperation to help Comprehensive,Balanced Development

Intl Cooperation to help Comprehensive,Balanced Development

Speaking at a gathering of the officials of the City of Pecs, Baranya County and Hungary, Shiraz Mayor Mohammadhassan Asadi said “the world cities are facing several common challenges in financing infrastructure projects, dealing with environmental impacts, waste management, etc. and exchanging and sharing experiences as well as innovative solutions in this regard can bring about positive impacts.
Mayor Asadi wrapped up his two-day official city in Pecs, the sister-city of Shiraz, with a meeting attended by Mayor Attila Petterfy, Péter Hoppál and Tamás Mellár, members of Hungarian National Assembly and chairperson of Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Hamid Arefi the IR Iran ambassador to Hungary.   
Shiraz Mayor added “our cities are similar mainly in cultural aspects, and cultural exchange as a pillar of sustainable development and a basis for knowing, friendship and trust building can pave the way for establishing cooperation in areas of tourism, economy and investment.
Referring to the great role of metropolises as a hub of cultural and artistic creativity and innovation as well as start-up initiatives, He continued “putting emphasis on removing mono-dimensional and adopting a practical approach in this area and using the established communication opportunities will help the comprehensive and balanced development and improve the citizens’ quality of life.”
Tamás Síkfői president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the county of Baranya presented a report on initiatives and activities and information exchanges and described the further cooperation areas.
Having shared ideas on financial and urban management legal issues, the representatives of Hungarian National Assembly expressed hope the relationship of Shiraz and other Hungarian cities would be further strengthened.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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