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Shiraz to Host Joint Cultural Events with Hungary

Shiraz to Host Joint Cultural Events with Hungary
Receiving the Hungarian ambassador to Iran, Seyed Ehsan Asnafi, Shiraz Mayor, referred to the cultural common grounds of Shiraz and Pécs as sister-cities. He, then, declared that Shiraz stands ready to organize joint cultural events with Hungarian cities including Pécs. 
Asnafi, in a meeting with the Zoltan Varga, the Hungarian Ambassador to Iran, said "Shiraz as an Iranian cultural and literary capital is a unique city, which in addition to its natural attractions as well as religious, literary and cultural Iranian elites, is an inseparable part of Iranian nation's identity and history."
He added "being home to historical monuments dating back to hundreds or thousands years ago reflects the rich history and culture of Shiraz, which in addition to its unique economic capacity, can be attractive to the investors."
Having referred to the Shiraz as an important cultural center of Iran and acknowledging its history in the region, Zoltan Varga said "Shiraz has been included in the Hungarian tourists' must visited city of Iran." 
Varga also considered some art and cultural cooperation between Shiraz and Pécs including the installment of Hafiz bust in Pécs as a valuable exchange of both cities.
He continued "we are aware of the important economic status of Iran in the region," and referred to the political, cultural and education exchanges between Iran and Hungary. He, then, proposed that the two sides jointly organize some cultural events such as celebrating the Days of Shiraz and Pécs or commemorating the literary and cultural figures of both cities.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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