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Shiraz Mayor Meets South African Ambassador to Tehran

Shiraz Mayor Meets South African Ambassador to Tehran

Seyed Ehsan Asnafi (Shiraz Mayor) met Vika Mazwi Khumalo South African Ambassador to Tehran. In this meeting, Shiraz Mayor referred to the previous meeting organized between former Shiraz mayor and Ambassador Khumalo, and reiterated that there would be common grounds for the mutual cooperation and expressed readiness for further cooperation in future.
Having considered the tourism development a very important index, Asnafi said with respect to literary tourism Shiraz is home to some of the world greatest poets. It also enjoys a four-season climate, and its tourist attractions are considered salient features, which all pave the way and provide the opportunities for visiting the city and investing in the tourism area.”
Shiraz mayor continued “issues of smart city, urban transportation and rail transportation, urban waste collection and management all can be potential areas for developing joint cooperation with South African cities.”
Ambassador Khumalo appreciated the warm welcome from Shiraz and proposed that Shiraz and Johannesburg could enter into the sister-city relationship. “This city” he added “is a progressive city with rich natural resources. Shiraz and Johannesburg can be complementary. Johannesburg can learn a lot from Shiraz, and Shiraz can benefit, in different areas, from Johannesburg.”

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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