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Joint Statement on Quds Int’l Day

Joint Statement on Quds Int’l Day
Seyyed Ehsan Asnafi mayor of Shiraz and Mahdi Taheri, Chairperson of Shiraz Islamic City Council issued a joint statement on the occasion of the Quds International Day.
The statement reads:
 “The issue of Palestine, from the Islamic viewpoint, is a fundamental matter and a precept for all Muslims including us.” (Imam Khamenei (May God preserve his presence)
The Quds Day reminds the intelligent decision of the Late Imam Khomeini, the great founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the initiative launched by him to develop the religious and cultural and fundamentals of the Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to supporting the oppressed especially the oppressed Palestine and [the importance of] Islamic solidarity against the world tyrants.
Today, the oppression and crimes against the oppressed Palestinians committed by the cancer tumor of Israel, the axis of injustice in the region, and its support behind the international terrorism are not unknown to any free human being. Undoubtedly, what is happening in the Islamic lands is the outcome of the close relationship between the Takfiri groups and the hypocritical plot of the fake Zionist regime so that by resorting to the Islamophobia, they ensure the illegal presence of arrogant powers in the region.
Quds the first Qibla of Muslims is the center of solidarity of monotheism. The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is the symbol of fighting against the arrogance and a gathering of the world free human beings who declare dissociation from tyranny and child-murdering of Zionist regime, regardless of race, religion, nationality and political orientation, and who express and chant their abhorrence of tyranny and genocide of Israel and its supports through forming thick lines.
Today, the Islamic republic of Iran, under the leadership of Imam Khamenei (May God preserve his presence), has thwarted all plots of the USA, Zionist Regime and their regional allies particularly the House of Saud in such a way that the Resistance Front has exhausted this illegitimate and terrorist regime more than ever.
On this cherished day, in which the help of the God is perceived, the whole world witnesses that nothing can hinder the human and Islamic demands of Muslims.
The Zionist usurpers must know that the Muslims around the world particularly the revolutionary people of Iran will always support the lawful rights of the Palestinian people.
The Municipality and the Islamic City Council of the Metropolitan city of Shiraz, on the threshold of the International Day of Quds, condemn the crimes committed by occupiers and their western supporters, and renewing the covenant with Imam Khomeini’s goals and following the intentions of the Iranian supreme leader, will attend the demonstration of Quds Day together with the other Iranian people on Friday April 29, 2022 , and will chant the slogan “Down with the USA and Israel,” and also invite the fasting people make the empty Zionist regime and the USA tremble with their strong presence in the demonstration and to inspire and encourage the Palestinian fighters [Mujahideen] through attending this demonstration.
“If you help Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet” (the holy Quran 47:7)

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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