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We are ready for joint cultural cooperation with Florence

Shiraz Mayor: we are ready for joint cultural cooperation with Florence 
Eskandarpour, Shiraz mayor, and Dario Nardella, Florence mayor, exchanges ideas on the Corona Virus pandemic, both cities’ common cultural and historical background, and mutual cooperation via a videoconference.
Eskandarpour said "the post-Corona world will be different and the historical cities with the common cultural background can play a greater role in that context."
He continued " I would like to express our readiness for mutual cooperation on cultural issues." 
Nardella, mayor of Florence, said "Shiraz is an international city due to its rich history." 
He, then, continued "I am interested in Shiraz, my father was an orientalist whose area of interest was particularly the Middle East. He knew Farsi and there are several books on Farsi language in his library at home." 
He added " we are reopening economic activities. but unfortunately, we are facing the socio-economic crisis which has hit us severely. We are trying to reduce its negative impacts. Florence as a touristic city to which 14 million tourists pay a visit annually, is now facing many challenges."
Nardella also said "we are organizing the 700th death anniversary of Dante to be held next year during which international events will be held. We can jointly hold this cultural event and make this friendship stronger through inviting Iranian and Italian linguists from Shiraz as well as Florence to this program."
He, then, expressed his interest in cooperating with Shiraz and said " I scheduled a visit to Iran in 2020, which I unfortunately had to cancel it. I believe in 2021, I can reschedule it and start the relationship with Shiraz."

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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