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Secretary General of AMF congrats Shiraz Day

Secretary General of Asian Mayors Forum congrats Shiraz Day
Dr. Goshtasb Mozafari, Secretary General of Asian Mayors Forum congrats Shiraz Day to citizens and mayor of Shiraz
 His message reads:
 "Shiraz, The city of History, Poetry, Literature and of course, the city of warm and hospitable people.
The city that relies on the glorious capital of the Achaemenids and the tomb of Cyrus the Great.
The city in which the tomb of Saadi, the poet, mystic, social philosopher and the famous thinker of the east; and Hafiz, the poet, who loves the transcendent and the passionate lover is located.
Shiraz, the city of restless lovers, has a lot to say through the connecting  between tradition and modernity.
I congratulate the "Shiraz Day" to the esteemed mayor, citizens and the officials of this city.
I wish all of you ever increasing well-being, welfare and prosperity.
Who doesn’t love Shiraz? And who doesn’t want to see this beautiful city?
I strongly recommend to tourists from all over the world to pay a visit to Shiraz in Post Corona time."

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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