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Kyoto mayor expresses sympathy with Shiraz

Kyoto mayor expresses sympathy with Shiraz
Kyoto mayor, Daisako Kadokava, and the president of the League of Historical Cities (LHC) expressed his concern about the Covid-19 outbreak in Shiraz. The letter came in response to a correspondence by Heidar Eskandarpour mayor of Shiraz and the LHC board member, who had called for the removal of inhuman sanctions imposed on Iran at the time of the Corona-virus outbreak.
 The message reads:
 “I have duly received your letter. Knowing about the current situation in Iran due to the COVID-19 outbreak through the media, I am very concerned about it. I would like to show my respect to everyone who has been working tirelessly at medical institutions to treat those infected day and night.
Here in Kyoto, the number of infected patients is also increasing day by day and we cannot foresee how our situation will change. We have been taking every measure to protect our citizens’ lives and prevent the public medical system breakdown.
Reading your letter to know that the people in Shiraz are not able to get enough supplies in difficult circumstances, I deeply sympathize with their serious situation. I imagine that your officials are also working hard to carry out measures to get the people through the situation. My thoughts are with all the people of Shiraz.
Let us fight COVID-19 together and get it under control as soon as possible to let people in the world go back to normal life without having any fear”.


Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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