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WeGO official conveys sympathy message

WeGO official conveys sympathy message 
Kynog-yul Lee, the Secretary General of the World Sustainable Smart Cities (WeGO) expressed his condolences over the victims of the corona-virus outbreak. The move was a response to a letter by Shiraz mayor calling for the removal of inhuman sanctions imposed on Iran at the time of the Corona-virus outbreak.
 The message reads:
“First, I would like to express my deepest condolences for the victims of Coronavirus, which severely endangers the world and your esteemed people. As a citizen of hard-hit Korea, I feel the pain all the great Iranian people are suffering. However, I am certain that we will fight back and overcome the current adversity sooner or later.
I also agree with your Excellency that the Sanctions are causing unreasonable hardship to Iranians including your citizens, which should be remedied immediately. As a valuable member of my organization, Shiraz should deserve happier and smarter way of life. WeGO will look into every possible
action to contribute to your efforts.
I am looking forward to working closely with you to build and improve our happy, smart and sustainable

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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