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Asian secretariat for Brain Games opens in Shiraz

Asian secretariat for Brain Games opens in Shiraz
 “Opening the secretariat is the cornerstone of event-led development of Shiraz and can introduce this metropolis to the world,” mayor of Shiraz was quoted as saying in the opening ceremony of the permanent Asian secretariat for brain games.
Referring to the event-led approach as one of the principles of dynamic economy, Eskandarpour continued “the time for the municipality to merely rely on the revenue from issuing permits has come to an end, and we have to improve the city by adopting an event-led economy. Therefore, Shiraz Municipality is ready to support organizing different cultural, art, social and sport events.”
He emphasized that holding events especially during the low season could bolster the economy of the city in different domains such as the hotel management, restaurant management, market, etc. all year round. He also added “we plan to turn Shiraz to the hub of different events venue as they inject social vitality into the morale of citizens and improve urban spaces.”
He considered the young population of Shiraz both an opportunity and a threat. He, then, added “we should best use this opportunity to develop social vitality through planning well. Failing to formulate a best-laid plan for the leisure time of the teens and youths, we may face some major challenges.” 
Also, director of Shiraz Municipality Cultural, Social and Sports Organization said “as Shiraz Municipality has adopted socio-cultural and neighborhood approaches, this secretariat is to inject and bring vitality to the urban neighborhood areas.”
Goshtasbirad pinpointed “according to the already made plans, the brain games are to be held at neighborhood, urban district and finally city levels consecutively. Then, Shiraz will host national competitions.  In March 2019, the city will host Asia Brain Games competitions.”
 Ahmadi, a board member of Brain Games Association, said “opening the permanent secretariat of brain games in Shiraz is a big step taken which makes Shiraz known as the city of brain games to the people of Asia.”
Located in the Irani Garden on Imam-Khomeini Street, the permanent Asian secretariat for brain games receives many interested people of different ages. On the sideline of this ceremony, the poster of youth brain games was unveiled.

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