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Shiraz to run for next LHC World Conference host

Shiraz to run for next LHC World Conference host
The City of Shiraz has officially announced its readiness to host the 2020 world conference of the League of Historical Cities.
The final decision regarding the host to the next world conference will be made during the next general assembly to be held within the framework of the 16th LHC World Conference in Bursa, Turkey from 7 to 9 September, 2018.
The theme of the conference is “the impact of globalization on culture and way of living.” To realize its main objectives, the LHC General assembly will organize three sessions on globalization, culture and way of living, local government and maintaining cultural diversity and identity in a globalized world, as well as historical cities and using new communication tools. Also, on the sideline of the main event, an international painting competition titled “Colorful Touch to History” will be organized to raise the knowledge and awareness of children toward their cultural heritage and traditions.
League of Historical Cities, with 115 member cities from 65 countries, plays a very important role in preserving and developing historical cities. Thus, in the line with its mission, LHC, since the 1st conference which was held 30 years ago, has supported these conferences as platforms to set up initiatives helping historical cities to promote world peace and sustainable development of its members through cultural exchanges and sharing knowledge as well as best practices.
It is worth mentioning that the city of Shiraz has been a member of LHC since 2014.
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