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Hafiz’s Ghazals unveiled in Pecs, Hungary

In a ceremony held with presence of IR Iran Ambassador to Hungary, several academicians and culture lovers, mayor of Pecs said “since Shriaz and Pecs are sister cities, we have published the collection Hafez’s Ghazals in Hungarian so that the people of Hungary know better Hafez and Iranian literature.
Zsolt Pava referred to the sister city of Shiraz and Pecs and said “this relationship provides the citizens of both cities a great opportunity to know the history, culture and art of their counterparts. At upper levels, sister city relationship will positively affect the ties between Iran and Hungary.”
He also appreciated the support of IR Iran embassy to Hungary for publishing the said book. The book includes the collection of fifty Ghazals of Hafiz translated in Hungarian along with their original Persian texts.
Having acknowledged the attempts made by the City of Pecs, Rajabi yazdi said “cultural heritage of Iran and Persian language and literature are invaluable treasures. The publication of the collection of Hafez’s Ghazals will open a new window for Hungarian people towards Persian language.” Then he continued the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran would surely try to facilitate the implementation of the sister-city provisions which were already included and concluded between Hungarian and Iranian cities including Pecs and Shiraz. He continued “such projects will deepen and foster the ties between IR Iran and Hungary.”
He also added “2400 Iranian students are studying in Hungary. Faculty and student exchange, doing joint research projects, holding workshops etc. between Iranian and Hungarian universities are all among the fields on which both countries can cooperate in the line of public diplomacy.”
The city of Pecs won the  UNESCO Prize Cities for Peace for maintaining the cultures of the minorities and its tolerance towards refugees of Yugoslav wars. In 2007 was third and in 2008, it was seconf Livable city in the category of cities between 75000 and 200000 inhibitants.
In 2010, Pecs was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture sharing it together with Essen and Istanbul.

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