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Shiraz and Nanjing sign sister-city agreement

The mayor of Shiraz said “by signing this agreement, both cities start their mutual cooperation in academic, cultural and tourism fields. Eskandarpour added that “Shiraz and Nanjing have lots of similarities in different urban domains such as big celestial gardens, highly accredited universities, and potentials for tourist tractions and tourism development. Through signing this agreement, the way is paved for knowledge, experience and skills exchange between the two cities.”
He referred to the ranking of Nanjing and Shiraz Universities and added “the mutual cooperation of both cities also includes faculty and student exchange, particularly in the field of urban management.”
Eskandarpour also considered the historical background and having many tourist attractions as the other common grounds both cities enjoy. He said “we are, through the establishment of this sister-city relationship, determined to pave the way for the presences of tourists from China in Shiraz more so that they know better the potentials and capacities of Shiraz in the fields of culture, arts, investment, etc. Sharing experiences in urban management in the environmental related issues particularly preserving the gardens is the other filed in which both municipalities may cooperate.”
Having signed the agreement, the mayor of Nanjing said “now we are sister-cities. It is our duty to present Shiraz to the citizens of Nanjing, Jiangsu and our fellow countrymen  all over China.”
Lan Shaomin continued “Shriaz and Nanjing are two historical cities in their countries namely Iran and China. They have been the capital cities. It shows their major stance and potentials.”
Like Eskandarpour, who served as an Iranian official, Lan Shaomin has a rich impressive managerial background as the governor, mayor, vice mayor, secretary of CPC and city committee.
Shiraz has already entered the sister-city relationship with Chongqing China. With the count of Nanjing, Shiraz now has 6 sister-cities.

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