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Mayor of Shiraz Calls for More Attention to the Old Fabric of Shiraz On The Part Of the Press

Referring to the old fabric of Shiraz as the main theme of the 5th national and 2nd international “Shiraz Today” photo festival, Shiraz mayor said:

 Referring to the old fabric of Shiraz as the main theme of the 5th national and 2nd international “Shiraz Today” photo festival, Shiraz mayor said: “paying a special attention to it is the approach adopted by my colleagues in Shiraz municipality.”
 Eskandarpour continued “the 5th national and 2nd international Shiraz Today photo festival is organized in three sections namely Tourism and Pilgrimage, Street photography and Historical and Old Fabric of Shiraz.”
 “In communication sciences,” he added, “photographs are considered as the hot media. This media may affect the minds of its audience greatly and trigger a great social and cultural change. It makes its audience think, go on a journey and/or change their destination. All these are the magic of this old media.”
The mayor of Shiraz said “if we are to develop tourism or present our city as an international tourist destination, we have to present Shiraz using all available means to the great tourism market. To this end, photographs are one of the most effective tools which can help us.”
Referring to the need for safeguarding old fabric of Shiraz as the main motto of Shiraz municipality, he emphasized “we, with help of all media, have to take steps forward to safeguard the old fabric of the city as the identity of Shiraz. The media can present the potentials of this part as our major assets. In addition, they, through highlighting the challenges and problems, help us handle and solve them. In this regard, I seek the help of Shiraz media.”
Eskandarpour referred to Shiraz as the one of hubs of photography particularly press photography in Iran. He said “Shirazi photographers are great human resources of this city whose efforts should be acknowledged. One of the objectives of the present festival is to acknowledge them.”
Shiraz mayor also invited international photographers to attend “Shiraz Today” photo festival.
He continued “I believe your travel to Shiraz will be memorable and the audiences will be impressed by the beautiful photos taken by you. Thus, we will be pleased to enrich this festival by your presence and works.
You can encourage more people to come and visit Shiraz through portraying the city. I believe that the people around the world will find Shiraz different by looking at the city through your camera lenses. Of course, the only way to discover these differences is to pay the city a visit.”

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