Shiraz mayor and chairman of Shiraz Islamic City Council communicate their messages about controlling Coronavirus

Shiraz mayor and chairman of Shiraz Islamic City Council communicate their messages about controlling Coronavirus
Eskandarpour, Shriaz mayor, and Mosavi, the Chairman of Shiraz Islamic City Council delivered a joint message on the Coronavirus. Their message reads:
“The esteemed citizens of Shiraz,
Today, the whole world is facing a new complex challenge which is new coronavirus.
During the past weeks, we were just learning of this virus’ impacts in the Fareast Asia through the media. However, most parts of the world as well as our great country, Iran, are encountering this lethal virus.
Of course, this is a real challenge. Yet, we should not let its panic overwhelm us. We, together, have to fight, inactivate and defeat this virus. # we_all_together.
If we cannot shake hands warmly, we can show our kindness and compassion through our words, kind eyes, and heartfelt sympathy.
We wish you, the esteemed citizens of Shiraz, and we regardless of all criticism and annoyance, would appreciate the round-the-clock attempts made by the doctors and nurses of our city. They remain our only hope after the God and are the angels of our city these days. They as our brothers and sisters standing by our side are at the frontline of this war to safeguard the citizens against the Coronavirus. We place our reliance on them and strongly support them.
Shiraz Municipality has been disinfecting all public transportation system on a daily-base since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Still, the urban management team is determined to constantly disinfect all the inter-city bus terminals, airport, train station, parks, urban furniture, etc.
It is a challenge for the whole country, and also for our city as well as our esteemed citizens.
However, we with the help one another can control the outbreak of this virus. Thus, we would like to ask you all to take the medical advice, which are provided by the healthcare authorities. In this regard, we do our best to provide you with such medical recommendations throughout the city. From now onward, in specified places, we shall provide our fellow citizens with as many required items as we can to control and prevent the outbreak of the virus.
Meanwhile, we would like you to get yourselves involved in this national movement. Having any comments you can share with us through phone number of 137 so that we are able to provide you with the better services.
In closing, we would like to extend our appreciation to the healthcare and executive bodies as well as our colleagues at the municipality. We assure you that we, as your family members at the municipality and Islamic City council of Shiraz, do our best to control the spread of this virus.
#we_all_together will pass these days through offering our sympathy and observing healthcare principles.
We have witnessed many dark or difficult days; yet, they are now a chapter of the history.
We shall pass this difficult path. The key here is feeling hopeful. The winter will come to an end and these days will turn to a memory though a bitter one.
I am full of thousands of hopes, and you are all my hopes”

Reference: Shiraz Municipality

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