Mayor of Shiraz congrats Pecs mayor-elect

Mayor of Shiraz congrats Pecs mayor-elect
Eskandarpour, the mayor of Shiraz, congratulated Attila Péterffy, the new mayor of Pecs, on being elected as the new mayor of Pecs. His message reads:
First of all, on behalf of Shiraz Municipality and my fellow citizens, I would like to heartily congratulate you on your election as the new mayor of Pécs and wish you great success during your term of office.
In the framework of the sister-city agreement signed between the two cities in 2016, Shiraz and Pécs have actively contributed to promoting the friendship between the two sides through cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, urban management, etc. I believe that the rich history, precious cultural heritage, and traditional values of the two cities combined with the - equally important - warm, hospitable and tolerant people provide us with limitless potential to continuously boost the level of mutual cooperation between Shiraz and Pécs.
 I look forward to developing further the ties of friendship and cooperation between our cities.


Reference: Shiraz Municipality

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