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​Iranian Embassy in Budapest Holds Webinar on Shiraz and Pecs Ties

Speaking at a webinar organized at the initiative of the Iranian Embassy in Hungary attended by the mayors of the two sister cities of Shiraz and Pecs, the Iranian ambassador to Budapest and the Hungarian ambassador to Iran, Eskandarpour, Shiraz Mayor, expressed the readiness of Shiraz to organize an exhibition on introducing Pecs, Hungary on its Day in September. He said “I hope as soon as the pandemic ends, we can receive the Hungarian people.”

Wishing that the pandemic would end soon, he added “Shiraz is keen to promote the cooperation between the two cities in the framework of the sister-city agreement.  Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has imposed restrictions on our activities. For example, we had hosted Hungarian tour leaders in Shiraz, which was a good opportunity for promoting cultural relationships between the two cities. We had to stop it due to this pandemic.”

Eskandarpour referred to some cultural initiatives done by the City of Shiraz and said “earning the title of the National Book Capital of Iran and running for the World Book Capital were among those initiatives.”
He, then, continued “creating bike paths with a total length of 300 kilometers, and promoting the use of bicycle as a clean transportation mode have brought Shiraz the title of “Shiraz, the national Bike City” in the past year.

Expressing happiness at the initiatives undertaken by Pecs to develop and promote bike riding, he said “I am glad that both cities are moving along the right path to develop clean transportation modes.”
Eskandarpour added “we were informed that the City of Pecs fared well in controlling the coronavirus pandemic and vaccinating the citizens. I would also like thank you for vaccinating Iranian students as well.”

The erection of the Hafiz bust in Pecs
Attila Peterffy, Pecs Mayor, referred to the erection of Hafiz bust at the entrance of knowledge center and regional library of pecs and said “we consider establishing the link with Iran in order to introduce the culture and traditions of Iranian people to our citizens which have always been famous for most welcoming and most tolerant towards other cultures.”
He added "we are dedicated to carry on this bond in the spirit of sister-city. As the Covid-19 hit both nations, we, here in the City of Pecs, did our best to keep in touch with our citizens and local companies. This has helped us to create programs to support the city in such hard times. "

The Hungarian Embassy to Iran supports Shiraz-Pecs cooperation
The Hungarian ambassador to Iran, Zoltan Varga-Haszonits, in this multilateral meeting, expressed his hope that by the end of this pandemic, an exhibition would be organized mutually on the occasion of Shiraz and Pecs Days in both cities.
Referring to the positive stance of the Hungarian Embassy to Iran towards Shiraz-Pecs relationship, he said “our embassy has open doors to all of you and we are ready to help whenever and wherever we can regarding the cooperation of the two cities.”
He continued “Shiraz is one of the cultural and touristic centers of Iran, which has to be introduced to everyone.”
He also added “roughly 2000 Iranian Students are studying in Hungary. There are a lot of Shirazi students among them. Pecs hosts one fourth of Iranian Students.”

We stand ready to cooperate with Shiraz and Pecs to strengthen the relationships
The Iranian ambassador to Hungary, Hamidreza Arefi, said in the meeting that the Iranian Embassy would be ready to cooperate with the two cities of Shiraz and Pecs to promote the relationship, strengthen the ties, and facilitate the exchange of experiences addressing the challenges that both cities were facing.
He emphasized “the touristic and cultural cooperation between the two cities is in accordance with the sister-city framework. I hope the cultural and academic relationships of both cities continue in future as well.”
 “This webinar,” he continues, “shows the willingness of both cities to resume the cooperation as soon as the pandemic disappears from the atmosphere of the world. On behalf of mayors of Shiraz and Pecs, we could exchange the delegations between the two cities, and hope that in the next year or even this year, we resume all our cooperation.”
It is worth mentioning that Shiraz has already entered into sister-city relationship with Pecs, Hungary; Weimar, Germany; Nanjing and Chongqing, China; Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and Nicosia, Cyprus.


Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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