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Shiraz Hosts Int'l Urban Regeneration Webinar

Shiraz Hosts Int'l Urban Regeneration Webinar
Shiraz Municipality hosted an international webinar on "sustainable urban regeneration" on 14 December 2020.
The event, which was organized in collaboration with the Metropolis and the Metropolis International Training Institute in Mashhad
attracted national as well as international audience from countries such as Spain, France, England, Germany, China, Iraq, Turkey, Italy, and the Philippines. The webinar was introduced by Octavi de la Varga, the Metropolis secretary General, and moderated by Agnes Carlotte Bickart, Metropolis senior manager for institutional relations. 
Nastaran Najdaghi, head of urban regeneration bureau of Shiraz Municipality, Wolfgang Socher, head of environmental department, Dresden, Germany and Ling Zhang, deputy director of the development and reform commission of Qinhuai district, Nanjing, China presented and shared case studies of urban regeneration projects implemented in their cities.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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