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Shiraz Mayor meets WeGO secretary General

Shiraz Mayor meets WeGO secretary General
Eskandapour, Shiraz Mayor, discussed issues related to smart sustainable cities online with Kyong-Yul Lee, the Secretary General (SG) of the WeGO. Eskandapour referred to the diplomatic background of WeGO SG and said “your background provides the WeGO with an opportunity to encourage cities to transform to the smart cities and to subsequently improve the quality of life. ” 
Eskandapour also added “Shiraz has joined WeGO since 2018. Since then, Shiraz has actively cooperated with this organization in the line of its objectives.”
Eskandapour considered the establishment of regional offices by WeGO a good measure to decentralize the system and share knowledge among member cities. He, then, continued “it has been taken to help cities transfer to smart cities. However, I would like to propose the creation of some thematic groups joining which member cities can share experiences and ideas as well as organize the related specialized events.  These thematic groups can trigger more specialized initiatives which focus on detailed and specialized challenges.”
Shiraz Mayor put forth some thematic groups like ICT and Smart City Infrastructures, Smart City and Environment, e-Government and Communication with Citizens.
Eskandapour also appreciated the attempts made by the WeGO under the management of Kyong-Yul Lee to enhance the smart city development.
Kyong-Yul Lee said we will surely consider the proposal put forth the Shiraz mayor. In this line, both parties’ staff will be in touch and discuss the issue to come to a more concrete and practical model.” He, continued “in the forthcoming month, WeGO Executive board meeting and conference will be held. I would like to invite you to participate in conference. I believe it will be inspiring and the city of Shiraz will have access to some good practical ideas.”
The Smart Sustainable Cities Organizations (WeGO) was established in 2010 and 200 cities, organizations and institutes worldwide have joined it since then.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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