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Shiraz Municipality elected to AMF Financial Inspection Committee

Shiraz Municipality elected to AMF Financial Inspection Committee
The GD for Communication and International Relations of Shiraz Municipality said “in the 7th executive board meeting of Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) which was held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Shiraz as well as the cities of Bangkok, Haikou, Gaziantep, and Tehran were elected to Financial Inspection Committee that is responsible for inspecting and observing the AMF related financial strategies and issues. Shiraz is also the board member of AMF.”
Jorkesh continued “the executive board of AMF with 21 members is major decision-making body of the Forum. Some Asian Mayors and Urban managers including Eskandarpour, Shiraz Mayor, Hanachi, Tehran Mayor, Fatma Shahin, Gaziantep Mayor, Rafael Tuts, Director of Global Solutions Division-UN Habitant, etc. attended the meeting.”
He also said that in this meeting, the annual report (2019) of AMF, the 5-year strategic plan (2020-2024) as well as the annual action plan (2020) had been discussed and passed. Then, he added “in this meeting, the urban managers and experts also discussed the issues and exchanged ideas on Urban Economy and Health in Post Corona era.”

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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