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Shiraz Mayor calls for lifting sanctions among coronavirus outbreak

Shiraz Mayor calls for lifting sanctions among coronavirus outbreak
Shiraz Mayor calls for lifting sanctions among coronavirus outbreak in a message to his counterparts from friend and sister cities and heads of international organizations, Eskandarpour Mayor of Shiraz described the sanctions against Iran amid the coronavirus outbreak as 'war crime', and called on the international community to speak out unanimously and call for lifting the unjust sanctions ." 
 His message reads:
“Dear colleague, 
As you may know, around this time every year, my fellow countrymen and women across the country prepare to welcome Nowruz so as to celebrate the Iranian New Year as well as the revival of nature by commemorating this time-honored tradition and eternal heritage of the ancient Persia.
Here in Shiraz, the fragrance of hyacinths and sour orange blossoms herald the arrival of spring sooner than other parts of the country, tinkling the bell for starting to make efforts to prepare the city. And, the local government, along with people of Shiraz, who have long been noted for being hospitable by nature, get ready to host the numerous domestic and international visitors who travel to Shiraz to enjoy the breathtaking nature as well as the many historical, cultural, and religious assets of the city.   
However, much to our regret, the friendly people of Shiraz are deprived of the opportunity to receive guests this year. The coronavirus outbreak, which has surged during recent days has created a very difficult situation with daunting prospects. Agonizingly, the US primary and secondary sanctions which even include a ban on importing foodstuff, medication and medical equipment have posed formidable challenges in our fight against coronavirus despite the sacrifice and selfless devotion of the healthcare sector. These unjust and inhumane sanctions, which are against the international laws, have violated the very basic human rights and targeted the life of ordinary civilians qualify as ‘war crime’.  
Therefore, on behalf of the esteemed people of Shiraz, I would like to call on my fellow mayors across the globe as well as the authorities of the international organizations of local governments and communities to speak out unanimously and strongly react against the aggressive actions of the US government. Undoubtedly, the unified voice and synergic efforts of local governments - as representatives of people – to call for lifting these cruel sanctions will count as a great step toward achieving sustainable global peace.”
Eskandarpour as the board member of the League of Historical Cities, and member of the executive board of the Asian Mayors' Forum and Inter-City Cooperation Network for Intangible Cultural (ICCN), addressed in his message fellow mayors from Chongqing, Nanjing, Xian, Nicosia, Dushanbe, Pecs, Weimar, Dresden, Berlin, Lviv, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Ballarat, Badischl, Algemsi, Yerevan, Baghdad, Konya, Kazan, Seoul, Gyeongju, Ljubljana and authorities of the World Association of Major Metropolises, the Asian Mayors' Forum,  the League of Historical Cities, the Global Network of Learning Cities, Mayors for Peace, WEGO and ICCN.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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