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Mayor of Shiraz calls for action on Sistan’s flood

Mayor of Shiraz calls for action on Sistan’s flood
Eskandarpour, Shiraz mayor, expressed his empathy for the people of the city of Sistan and Balouchestan, and asked his fellow citizens to join once again to the warm friendship movement towards helping the great and patient people Sistan and Baluchestan. His message reads:
“M y fellow citizens!
Sistan, the legendary Iranian land and cradle of civilization of this ancient land, is felling a pang of sorrow, which of course has been drowned because of the recent extremely painful sufferings. The terrible flood hit Sistan and Baluchestan has left many wonderful people of this province homeless and made them suffer from the bitter weather.
Being in such a terrible condition, this part of our country is seeking its legendary hero, Rostam, to overcome this disaster and sufferings. I believe the philanthropy and kindness of my fellow citizens of Shiraz can revive the warm friendship movement, and you each can be that legendary hero whom has been portrayed in the Poem Book of Epics (Shahnameh). It is stemming from your good and human nature. The great poet of Shiraz, Saadi, says “if one member is afflicted with pain/ other members uneasy will remain.”
I strongly believe that now your generosity will motivate you to help those suffering from the consequences of the flood in Sistan and Baluchestan. So that once those people will relieve from the suffering, they recall the pleasant memories of you in their forthcoming happy days.
Surely you are kind.
The 11 municipal zones of Shiraz are all ready to collect public donations. Then, they have to deliver them to the related official bodies. The Public Relations Offices at the municipal zones should try to publicize it.
The mayors of municipal zones should do their best to help those suffering from the flood in Sistan and Baluchestan.”

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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