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Shiraz and Dresden sign Tramway MOU

The mayors of Shiraz and Dresden signed an MOU on designing and constructing Shiraz Tram System.
Eskandarpour, Shiraz Mayor, said “following the visit of the high ranking officials from Verkehrs Consult Dresden-Berlin GmbH (VCDB) to Shiraz and meetings held in Dresden, the Tramway MOU was signed.”
He then added “in this line within three months, the contract thereof including the related details as well as technical and legal aspects will be finalized between Shiraz Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic and VCDB.”
Stating that VCDB is to provide Shiraz Municipality with consultancy services in the project planning phase, he continued “it is agreed that the VCDB Consulting Company will cooperate with and provide Shiraz urban management team with the  consultancy services and also supervise the implementation process.”
Referring to the need for capacity building and human resources training on tram-related issues, he said “to transfer know-how and to build capacity for related experts, some training programs will be held in Shiraz and Dresden. As it is important to consider the construction of tramway in accordance with the adopted plan, prior to this visit, arrangements had been made to hold meetings with the mayor of Dresden, municipal directors, Dresden transportation experts and consultants as well as to organize visits to tramway construction processes, maintenance, depot, and Bombardier company as the tram rolling stocks in order to reach an overall view of requirements for constructing the tramway in Shiraz.” 
The mayor of Shiraz referred to the effective urban transportation system in Dresden and added “the development of urban transportation system in Dresden is tram-based. As Shiraz, like Dresden is a touristic city, the tram in Shiraz historical zone can transfer the passengers and provide them with the opportunities to visit tourist attractions.”
 “Shiraz is” he continued “a human-oriented city. During this visit, we have considered the Tramway and its collaboration with other transportation systems in Dresden as well as the development of non-motor transportation such as bicycle, walking streets to realize the sustainable transportation system and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
According to this report, the mayors of Shiraz and Dresden signed an MOU on cultural, tourist, water resources management and urban transportation particularly tramway in 2018. Since then, different delegations including municipal and university officials from Dresden have visited Shiraz to develop and construct Shiraz tramway and local water treatment plant.
It is worth mentioning that Dresden has one of the most efficient tram system in Europe and is one of German historical and touristic cities.


Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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