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Mayor of Shiraz: ‘Shiraz willing to enjoy the experiences of other Metropolis members’

Mayor of Shiraz: ‘Shiraz willing to enjoy the experiences of other Metropolis members’
In a meeting with the World Association of Major Metropolises (Metropolis) Secretary General Mayor Eskandarpour expressed the willingness of Shiraz Municipality to draw on the successful experiences of other member cities of the network in different urban areas, smart management of urban transportation, in particular. While emphasizing the rich cultural background of the city, he said “Shiraz can cooperate with other member cities on cultural issues and exchange cultural delegations as well as share its experiences.”
Shiraz Mayor also added “Metropolis should serve as a platform for metropolises to share their experiences. It is necessary for the member cities to cooperate on this platform in order to enable Metropolis, as the association of the world major metropolises, to play a greater role internationally.”
Octavia de la Varga Mas, the Metropolis Secretary General, said “Metropolis has now 138 members. This association is focusing on urban governance and management through collective wisdom and participation. It provides a good platform for the cities to cooperate and exchange their experiences.”
Referring to the life quality improvement as a major objective of the Metropolis, he continued “this association is trying to help cities improve in accordance with their local capacities, priorities, and elements. Thus, it is required that the cities identify their own priorities and expectations.”
“Metropolis,” he added, “has organized technical workshops on particular themes in which different cities from different regions attended. In such workshops, urban managers and experts from different cities discuss and exchange ideas on a particular issue. Then, the instructions, outcomes, and recommendations related to the theme of the workshop such as the urban integrated transportation system, low carbon economy, etc. are made accessible to other members.”
Metropolis is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with no political affiliation. This organization pursues all policies relating to the metropolitan development. The World Association of Major Metropolises was founded in 1985 by an initiative, which was put forth by the Municipality of Paris. It now represents the authorities of 138 major cities including Shiraz, Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, etc. Exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas relating to the urban management among the member cities in order to make the metropolises’ voice to be heard internationally and fostering international cooperation among the world major metropolises are all among objectives of this organization.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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