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Shiraz calls for the experience exchange and expansion of urban ties between Shiraz and Vienna

Shiraz calls for the experience exchange and expansion of urban ties between Shiraz and Vienna
In a meeting with Stefan Scholz, the Austrian ambassador to Iran, Eskandarpour, the mayor of Shiraz acknowledged that the capital city of Austria, Vienna, had been considered a city with high quality of life in the world for years, and said “the cooperation and experience exchange between Shiraz and Vienna can pave the way for carrying out joint projects in areas of transportation particularly clean transportation, smart traffics, waste management, generating energy from the waste, and cultural issues for the purpose of improving citizens’ quality of life.”
He continued “Shiraz Municipality, in the area of transportation, tries to develop clean transportation and smart traffics. As Austria in this regard is one of the world most successful countries, we can use the technical and scientific experiences of Vienna. “
Eskandarpour also added “Shiraz enjoys a high status among Iranian people particularly Shirazi ones. Hammer-Purgstall, the Austrian orientalist and historian, translated Hafiz’s poems into German, and subsequently, Goethe composed his West-Eastern Divan. Thus, it can serve as a common ground between Shiraz and Austria to organize and carry out joint cultural projects.”
Having referred to the construction process of Shiraz Metro Line 2, which is ongoing, Eskandarpour emphasized that supplying the equipment required for Shiraz Metro Line 2 could also be an area of cooperation between Shiraz and Austria. Then, he said “there is a common ground in the cultural area to promote the bilateral cooperation. The City of Shiraz is now planning to organize a joint music performance by Iran and Austria Symphony Orchestras.”
The Ambassador of Austria to Tehran, referred to the construction of Shiraz Grand Water Treatment plant and hospital as some of the joint projects carried out by Shiraz and Austria. He continued “organizing and undertaking joint initiatives in the current complex political situation show that Austria is a reliable partner for Iran.” He also said that the cooperation areas, which were put forth by the mayor of Shiraz, could pave the way for constructive dialogues.
Scholz referred to the catastrophic flash flood hitting Shiraz and said “in my visit to Shiraz I found that the historical and cultural sites had not been affected by the effective management of the City, and now Shiraz shows no signs of flood damage.”

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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