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Foreign officials extend their condolences to the City of Shiraz over the flood casualties

Foreign officials extend their condolences to the City of Shiraz over the flood casualties
   Following the tragic flood hitting Shiraz on March 25, 2019 which claimed 21 lives and left several injured as well as damages to the residential and commercial buildings, the mayors of foreign cities and leaders of international organizations have offered every sympathy with the city of Shiraz and the families of the victims.
The mayor of Nanjing, China, sent his condolences, saying “on behalf of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government and in my own name, I would like to express to you and through you our deep condolences to the victims, and sympathies to their families, the wounded and the people in the disaster-affect area. Shiraz is a sister-city of Nanjing, we feel the same pain of your people at this time.”
The mayor of Pecs, Hungary offered the sympathies of his city and fellow citizens. He said “I express my honest, most sincere regret and deep sympathy for the innocent citizens, who are the victims of this terrifying natural catastrophe. Our prayers go to people of Shiraz! I am hoping that Shiraz Soon will be able to overcome this fatally serious devastation and our sister-city will get back its beauty in a very short time.”
The lord mayor of Dresden, Germany on behalf himself and his city expressed his condolences and said “I was particularly saddened to hear about the many victim that this terrible disaster has claimed. Let me assure you that in these difficult times our thoughts and wishes are with our friend in Shiraz. I wish you strength and courage for the tasks ahead.”
The mayor of Lviv, Ukraine extending his sympathy said “on behalf of the Lviv City Council and me personally let me express my respect and condolences to you, the community of Shiraz and relatives of those who were perished because of the destruction that were caused by the flood. I hope for a quick recovery of the injured persons and overcoming the consequences of the natural disaster as soon as possible.”
The advisor to the mayor of Antalya, Turkey offered the condolences of his city and fellow citizens. His message reads “on behalf of the mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and citizens of Antalya, we would like to express our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to you and the relatives of victims and the citizens of Shiraz.”
The World Association of the Major Metropolises had also extended its sympathies to the people of Shiraz and its condolences to the families of the victims. The message reads “I would like to express our deep sorrow due to this devastating event which occurred in your city, and extend the solidarity from our membership…We are willing to multiply our solidarity towards Shiraz.”  Shiraz has been a member of Metropolis since 2007.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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