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Shiraz and Shanghai to pave the way for cultural exchange

Shiraz and Shanghai to pave the way for cultural exchange
Ebrahim Goshtasbirad, the president of municipal organization for cultural, social and sport affairs received a Chinese delegation headed by the president of Shanghai Art Collection Museum, and pinpointed the potentials of Shiraz and Fars province. He said “the human settlement history in Shiraz extends back to the pre-Islamic period. Since the advent of Islam, Shiraz has been the continuous urban settlement area and has been the capital city of Iran twice namely in the Buyid Dynasty (934-1062) and Zand Dynasty (1751-1794).” He continued “Shiraz enjoys a moderate climate, and people of Shiraz are well-known for being moderate, hospitable and caring.”
Then, he added “Shiraz has its own outstanding schools of philosophy, handicrafts, tilework, architecture, music, carpet weaving, Khatam, Munabbat, Literature, etc. Meantime, Shiraz is a modern city. It has great potentials for cultural, eco-historical and health tourism. Well-equipped hospitals can provide various services to the tourists.” Referring to the academic life in Shiraz, Goshtasbirad said “there are two famous Iranian universities, namely Shiraz and Medical Sciences, which provide the students with the high quality academic services.”
He concluded “we hope we can establish a good cultural relationship with other civilized and cultural Chinese cities. And subsequently, our cultural exchanges foster the ties between the citizens of both countries.”
Hu Muqing, the president of Shanghai Art Collection Museum, expressed his interest in Shanghai-Shiraz cultural cooperation and invited Shirazi local administrative team as well as academic figures and artists to the 9th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts, 5th International Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference and 7th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum to be held later this year. He also said “these three international events will provide artists, urban officials and expert a great opportunity for sharing their experiences and ideas as well as promoting the art works by Shirazi artists.”

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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