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Lviv Official meets Shiraz Islamic City Council Chairperson

Lviv Official meets Shiraz Islamic City Council Chairperson
Meeting the deputy mayor of Lviv, Ukraine, Ahmadreza Dastgheib, the chairperson of Shiraz Islamic City Council said “we are ready to establish eco-cultural relationships with the world major cities including Lviv.”
He also added “the city council of Shiraz is interested in cooperating with Lviv in different areas of economics, culture and tourism.” Then he continued “the ties between Shiraz and Ukrainian cities such as Lviv are not so strong. And seemingly, Shiraz is less known to the Ukrainian people. There is still a lot to do in order to improve our relationships. Yet, it is worthy of trying to strengthen our relationships.”
Dehghani, the Chairwoman of Tourism and Pilgrimage Commission of Shiraz Islamic City Council, referred to the cultural and historical potentials of Shiraz. She added “the cultural and historical status of Shiraz and Lviv paves the way for promoting the cultural, historical and economic exchanges between Iran and Ukraine. Moreover, the cultural and ethnic diversity of Shiraz makes the ground for organizing the cultural weeks in both cities.”
Natalia Bunda, the deputy mayor for development at Lviv Municipality, extended her pleasure to be in Shiraz and Iran. She continued “Lviv is interested in promoting mutual cooperation with the city of Shiraz. Lviv is the youth and cultural capital of Ukraine, and enjoys a special cultural status in the country. The city center of the city has been inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. In the past year, Lviv received 2.5 million tourists. Statistics showed that 60% of tourists were from foreign countries." She also referred to the famous leopolitans whose cultural and architectural works have been preserved to represent the customs and traditions of the Lviv citizens and attract tourists.

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