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Shiraz Mayor: culture-led urban regeneration; a new approach adopted by city administration in Shiraz

Shiraz Mayor: culture-led urban regeneration; a new approach adopted by city administration in Shiraz

The mayor of Shiraz, in the opening ceremony of 5 urban neighborhood facilitating offices, said “culture-led urban neighborhood regeneration is a new approach which is placed a high priority in the list of social initiatives of the City of Shiraz.” 
In a meeting held with the presence of Mahboobi, the social deputy director of Cultural and Social Center at the IR Iran Ministry of Interior, Eskandarpour said “due to the population growth and proliferation of slums in the past years, urban worn-out and ineffective textures have formed in the cities. They are really needed to be organized and managed. In Shiraz, the migration to Shiraz occurred due to a decrease in annual precipitation in the past 10 years. As the results, over 300,000 people live now in slums.”
  Eskandarpour considered urbanization and in return slum proliferation and annexation of rural settlements which are not compatible with the urban textures as one of the challenges that metropolises are facing these days. He then continued “this process has affected the historical parts and neighborhood textures of the city. As a result, it has caused the original settlers to relocate and national as well as foreign national immigrants replaced them all over 360 hectares of Shiraz’s historical part. Need not to say that the new settlers, culturally and socially, do not match the original ones. Thus, such a population shift has brought about many social challenges which should be handled and solved.”
He referred to the social problems existing in the infective urban textures and put emphasis on the necessity to solve them. He also said “failing to address such challenges now, they will turn into serious problems overcoming which shall not be that much easy. We believe social harms and problems will surely bring about security challenges. Thus, the more social harms are prevented, the safer the city will be. Today, the municipality and IR Iran Ministries of Interior as well as Roads and Urban Development have directed their particular attention to making urban textures more effective. However, it requires all responsible organizations and bodies to be actively present and cooperate in political, social and cultural areas or have some already developed plans in order to solve such challenges.”

Mahboobi, in his speech, put emphasis on the social capital and said “in these days, we need social solidarity.  Establishing urban neighborhood facilitating offices in the marginal neighborhoods will improve the social capital. Today, 5 facilitating offices are opened to provide 10 urban neighborhoods with required services. These offices will identify the true needs of the neighborhoods and take the steps towards meeting them and improving the settlers’ quality of life.”


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