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Shiraz elected the board member of League of Historical Cities

Shiraz elected the board member of League of Historical Cities
In the closing day of the “16th World Conference of Historical Cities” held in Bursa, Turkey, Shiraz Municipality, by the votes of board members of League of Historical Cities (LHC), was elected as the board member for a 4-year term.
Eskandarpour, the mayor of Shiraz, said “Shiraz is the city with invaluable historical, cultural, art and scientific assets and its presence in the international communities will provide us with a great opportunity to introduce this city to the world.”
He then referred to LHC as one of the leading international bodies in safeguarding historical heritages. He added “the major goal of LHC is to preserve cultural heritages of historical cities, foster the domestic cultures, rituals as well as traditions, and increase the awareness towards maintaining the identity of historical cities.
Considering the meeting with the chairman of LHC and mayor of Kyoto fruitful, he continued “LHC provides member cities with the opportunities to continue and cement their networks of relationships in different areas of urban management.”
Soon after Shiraz called for the involvement of local governments in supporting the cultures, rituals and traditions of historical cities against one dominant global culture which was appreciated and received by the conference attendees, the City of Kyoto, enjoying a rich successful background in maintaining its local culture, expressed its readiness to cooperate and collaborate with Shiraz through exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences.

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