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Shiraz mayor: Shiraz photo museum to be opened with help from photographers

Shiraz mayor: Shiraz photo museum to be opened with help from photographers

In the closing and award-winning ceremony of the 5th national and 2nd international “Shiraz Today” photo festival, the mayor of Shiraz said “with help from photographers, we plan to open a photo museum whose management is to be handled by a board of trustees including photographers.”
Heidar Eskandarpour emphasized the unique capacities of Shiraz and said “we have to believe that Shiraz, thanks to its capacities, can rise to worldwide fame. In so doing, organizing cultural, art, social, scientific and economic events is considered as a cultural targeting; also, brings about urban economic improvement and introduces Shiraz to the world.”
He, then, continued “three to five events are to be organized in the next year. Subsequently, Shiraz will turn to the city of Art, Cultural, Social, scientific and even economic events.”
He also added “raising hope and restoring vitality are the needs of our contemporary society. We should portray a positive image of Shiraz as an alive city so that it attracts more and more tourists.”
Leila Doudman, the chairperson of cultural commission at Shiraz Islamic city council, said “the art of photography shows different viewpoints and ideas. And organizing events may improve urban management in order to foster social vitality. And to the artistic skills of photographers who seek to establish the identity of the city belonged the credit for the city’s cultural development and main claim to fame.”
Solmaz Dehghan, the chairperson of tourism and pilgrimage commission at Shiraz Islamic city council, said in the ceremony “the need for a photo museum is felt in Shiraz. And photography, in Shiraz, enjoys a rich background and dates back to the family of “Chehrenegar” who founded the first photography studio in the late 19th century in Shiraz.    
The acting director-general for communication and international relations at Shiraz Municipality, Mohammadjavad Keshavarzi, said “in the line with the sustainable development and clean environment, the moto of Shiraz urban management team, the call for and poster of the festival were publicized only online in  the e-communities. The festival had 3 international sections namely tourism, travel and pilgrimage, street photography and historical and old fabric part of Shiraz. More than 4552 entries were send to the secretariat by 503 Iranian national and 140 international photographers from 30 countries. 
At the end of this ceremony, the following award-winning photographers received their prizes:

International section/ Tourism, Travel and Pilgrimage
Name Country Rank
Morteza Aminoroayaei Iran First prize winner
Javad Askaroghli Iran Second prize winner
Nazmul Hasan Bangladesh Third prize winner
Aminrhossein Kamali Iran Honorable mentioned
Afshin Azarian Iran Honorable mentioned
Negin Mohammadifard Iran Honorable mentioned
Stojan Gorup Slovenia Honorable mentioned
Mohammadreza Moeinpour Iran Honorable mentioned
Street photography
Name Country Rank
Tahereh Rokhbashzamin Iran First prize winner
Hadi Dehghanpour Iran Second prize winner
Alireza Rahmani Iran Third prize winner
Milad hadadian Iran Honorable mentioned
Mohammad Amini Iran Honorable mentioned
Soroush Javadian Iran Honorable mentioned
Ali Mohammadirad Iran Honorable mentioned
Shiraz Old Fabric Part
Name Country Rank
Seyyed Mohsen Peiravinejad Iran Honorable mentioned

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