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Shiraz International Cartoon Festival

The 1st Shiraz International Cartoon Festival
The art of caricature is a global art, through which valuable works can be created to improve the citizenship culture. In order to adopt a new approach towards the urban management issues and leave an indelible image in the public mind, Shiraz Municipality has organized the 1st Shiraz International Cartoon Festival, with citizenship culture as its main theme. Also, the special section of this festival is to be held in the memory of the prestigious and renowned literary figure Hafiz Shirazi, to pay homage to this priceless gem of Shiraz.
Objectives and functions
Creating a new image of Shiraz nationally and internationally
Inviting national and international cartoonists to create, present and send their works in order to promote the citizenship culture and commemorate the literary status of Hafiz Shirazi
Presenting the capacities and potentials of Shiraz nationally and internationally
Organizing the events to use the artistic capacities in the urban management
Using the international caricaturists to promote  citizenship culture
Putting the outdoor ads (stands, etc.) and virtual ones (Municipality website, social media,…)  on display
Holding exhibitions of received works in different venues such as public, educational, art, etc. venues.
Undertaking art criticism of the collected works in specialized panels. 
Urban management: Urban management is a complex domain, which includes strategies, initiatives and mechanisms to create an efficient city. Efficiency refers to the city whose infrastructures are accessible and applicable and the needed resources and services are accessible fairly to all citizens. The interests of the different beneficiaries, particularly those of the citizens, are well considered for decision-making and future development. Urban management makes the urban strategy cohesive and integrated, and meets the beneficiaries' expectations in such a way that the plans are practical and match the urban real life situations. The intended areas of urban management for the purpose of this festival include urban development, outstanding civil projects, green space development, townscape, clean city, sustainable income, child friendly city, book-friendly city,
Age-friendly city, etc. 
Citizenship culture: is a set of norms, values, and beliefs about the human life style in the city, which according to the context, the function or community tasks assigned are considered. The intended areas of the citizenship culture include living in the apartment, firefighting and safety services, environment protection, green space, consumption pattern reform, pollution reduction, vandalism, road culture, and using the public transportation system, etc. 
Urban tourism: the urban spaces all over the world have been among the major tourist attractions for years. Today, the tourism industry, particularly the urban tourism, plays an important role in the economy of the countries, and developing socioeconomic and cultural structures of the developing countries. The cities are homes to many tourist attractions and attract many tourists. Thus, it is required to plan the sustainable urban development and its competent management. The intended areas of the urban tourism include: introducing the culture, the historical sites and figures, Shiraz, the world City of Handicraft, safeguarding intangible heritages, the culture of attending tourist attractions, tourism culture, etc. 
Khaje Shamsoddin Mohammad Shirazi is known under his nom-de-plume of Hafiz, the great Iranian poet and master of Persian Literature and poetry. His divan includes Ghazal, Qasida, sonnets and Quatrains. The special section of the Shiraz International Cartoon Festival includes the submission of cartoons inspired by his poems such as "The ease of two worlds, this and the next, is the explanation of these two words/ With friends, kindness with enemies, courtesy," O Soul, Hear the counsel of the Murshid/ For, dearer than the soul, hold happy youths the counsel of the wise old man," O heart on the account of the calumny of envious, it is not proper to be sorrowful/ When thou lookest well it is possible that, in this, is thy good," etc. ( the artist may choose the verse.) 
Important dates:
Aug. 28, 2022: unveiling the festival flyer and publicizing it through the media and websites
Sept. 22, 2022: deadline for the submission of the works
Oct. 12, 2022: Hafiz Day and the Unity Week: Announcement of winners
Terms and conditions:
No age limit
Technique: Free
Size: A3
The artworks can be either black and white or color
No limitation on the number of submissions
Submitting  filled-in registration forms along with the artworks
Shiraz Municipality reserves the right to publish the received works in books, catalogues, urban advertisements, and brochures.
Submission of the artwork and the filled registration form will denote the acceptance of the terms and conditions 
Sending the works:
Through the email below:
The jury consists of nationally and internationally distinguished cartoonists
Main section: 9 Special awards of Shiraz Municipality, Appreciation Certificates and Festival Statuettes
Special Section: 3 Special awards of Shiraz Municipality, Appreciation Certificate and Festival Statuette

Appreciation Certificate and Souvenirs to all finalists 

Reference: Shiraz Municipality
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