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Shiraz Joins the Earth Hour Movement

Shiraz Joins the Earth Hour Movement
Shiraz Municipality turned off some non-essential electric lights on March 26 as part of its contribution to the Earth Hour Movement.
Earth Hour is a worldwide movement held through turning off the non-essential electric lights of some urban elements, houses, etc. by the governmental organizations, NGOs, private sector companies, and individuals to demonstrate their concerns over the environmental issues.
The Earth Hour is a lights-off event initiated in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness of the public over the climate change.
In 2008, 35 countries participated in this event and since then, the number of cities and countries which have joined this movement has been increasing.
In line with it, the light decorations of Moalm and Koshan Junctrions were switched off by the Municipal Organization for Urban Landscape and Green Spaces for 1 hour from 20:30.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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