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Joint Message on the Fajr Decade

Joint Message on the Fajr Decade

Seyed Ehsan Asnafi, Shiraz Mayor, and Mahdi Taheri, Chairperson of Shiraz Islamic City Council issued a joint message, felicitating the victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.Their message reads:

“In the Name of the Lord of the Light
“I Swear by the daybreak, and the ten nights.” (Al-Fajr, C. 89-V.1-2)
The Month of Bahman [Jan.-Feb.] is reminiscent of the divine revolution of the Islamic Umma of Iran led by the late Imam Khomeini, the great iconoclast of the time, against the tyranny of the Time, and ultimately the freedom of Iranian Nation from colonists. The ten-day Fajr demonstrates the sacrifice and dignity of the nation, who under the leadership of the exalted successor of its leader and martyrs, has made the voice of independence, autonomy, the Islamic Republic and Islamic current echo all over the world. Commemorating the memories of those who sacrificed themselves to the freedom and the right path of God, particularly the late Imam and those who lost their lives from June 1963 to February 1979, we congratulate the Iranian People particularly people of Shiraz on the victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. May Allah bestow sovereignty, dignity, and prosperity upon our fellow countrymen and women.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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