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Shiraz Mayor congrats the birth anniversary of Jesus and New Year

Shiraz Mayor congrats the birth anniversary of Jesus and New Year
Seyed Ehsan Asnafi, Mayor of Shiraz, extended his congratulations on the occasion of birth anniversary of Jesus and the New Year to the Christian citizens of Shiraz. Also, he expressed his congratulations to mayors of friendship and sister-cities of Shiraz as well as the officials of international organizations active in the urban diplomacy.
Asnafi, in his message, highlighted the necessity for observing and acting in compliance with the teachings of the prophets of God to provide solutions to the common challenges faced by the humankind and to eradicate tyranny, warmongering, inequality, and injustice. Elsewhere in his message, he expressed readiness and willingness to further develop and deepen ties with friendship and sister-cities of Shiraz.
As a member of board of directors of the World Association of the Major Metropolises and League of Historical Cities, he expressed hope soon the pandemic would end all over the world in the new year, and wished health, prosperity, success and positive achievements for  mayors and citizens of our sister - and friendship cities.


Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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