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Metropolis Board Members Convene Online

Metropolis Board Members Convene Online
Mayor Asnafi participated at the online meeting of the Metropolis board of directors meeting, which was held online on November 8. The meeting was attended by 27 out of 32 members, among whom, Mayor of Guangzhou, the association’s president and mayor of the host city and mayors or representatives of Bogota, Madrid, Barcelona, Rosario, Mashhad, etc.
The meeting was held within the framework of the 13th  Metropolis World Congress, which also features seminars, workshops, policy debates and exhibitions. Providing the progress report, financial report, closing of the accounts for 2020, revising budget for 2021, financial sustainability strategy, budget proposal for 2022, admission and cancelling of members, Metropolis World Congress 2023 (Call for candidatures), etc. were included in the agenda of the meeting.
Commenting on the position of the Metropolis secretary general, Mayor Asnafi said: “the Secretary General of Metropolis is a very important pillar of this network and the executive ‘arm’ of board of directors.” He continued “a major part of the success of our network has been due to the work of Mr. Octavi de La Varga, the SG of Metropolis and his colleagues at the secretariat. As a result of his efforts in the past five years that he has been assuming this responsibility, Metropolis has become more dynamic and sustainable.”
“As a member of board of directors”, Shiraz Mayor added “the prompt response to the new situation raising from the Coronavirus Pandemic and development of a new platform to share knowledge and the growth of our network are among the measures taken by the SG of Metropolis. And this indicates fine performance of his and his team during his term of office. I appreciate his hard work and wish him success.” 
The board of directors approved the membership applications of two Indonesian major cities namely Semarang and Palembang, and the city of Guadalajara from Mexico. Now, 143 cities are members of Metropolis. Also, the membership pattern of the cities of Shiraz, Cairo, San
Salvador was changed to Metropolis-Only category.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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