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Deputy Mayor for Planning Elected Acting Mayor

Deputy Mayor for Planning Elected Acting Mayor
With the presence of high-ranking officials of Fars Province and the city of Shiraz, the swearing-in ceremony of the newly-elected members of the Shiraz Islamic City Council was held on Thursday August 5, 2021. In this ceremony, the city councilors-elect took the oath of office to officially become members of the 6th Shiraz Islamic City Council.
Submitting the 13 newly-elected members their credentials, Shiraz governor acknowledged the attempts made by the members of the 5th Shiraz Islamic City Council to address the urban development issues.  
The council held its first session officially to elect the members of the board of directors and the acting mayor on the same day. The local parliamentarians, unanimously, elected Mahdi Taheri as the city council speaker for a one-year term and Mohammadali Razi, the deputy mayor for planning and human resources development as the acting mayor.
The Shiraz Islamic City Council is a local council elected by direct public vote to a 4-year term. It consists of 13 members and is mainly responsible for legislative functions. Their most important duty is appointing the mayor, who heads and runs the municipality (the executive body). The councilors assemble weekly and are responsible for establishing main policies, approving the budget proposed by the mayor and supervising the activities of the municipality among others.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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